7 Genarations walk

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How can I take part in the 7 Generations Walk?
Feel free to join us for the whole journey from Osaka to Tokyo or for a few hours.
All are welcome!
Buddhists, the world over, practice the Noble Eightfold Path. In that path one should aim to have a correct understanding of the world, act in a correct manner, and focus onefs energy correctly. The rules for taking part in the 7 Generations Walk are based on the Noble Eightfold Path.? I ask that participants read and understand the following before taking part in the walk.

Walking with Right Understanding
š The 7 Generations Walk pays homage to the Sacred Run 06f, The Longest Walk 2 and The Article 9 Peace Walk. Without these three events 7 Generations Walk would not have been possible. My walk, however, is not affiliated with those events or their organizers.

  1. The 7 Generations Walk aims to help young people to begin the process of searching for new values for a sustainable future society based on their experiences throughout the walk.


  1. There will be no support car to carry our luggage. We ask that you pack enough for yourself and plan on carrying all you need for however long you plan on joining the walk. This is part of the training for discovering values for the next generations.
  1. I want the 7 Generations Walk to go smoothly and for all participants to enjoy the experience. I ask everybody to cooperate with the coordinators and the support team.


  1. During the 7 Generations Walk we will work hard to communicate openly and honestly with each other, strive to understand each other and pray together.

Walking with Right Action

  1. While we walk we will learn about the local areas we are passing through and meet the people from those areas. We will treat everyone with respect no matter how well or poorly we are treated.


  1. We will have prayer sessions throughout the walk. All prayer will be non-denominational. Please share your religious tradition with us and practice your religion freely while respecting others rights to practice theirs.


Right Concentration

  1. I want participants to talk freely with each other and about what they felt during the walk. From time to time there will be special talk sessions.


  1. To keep up the speed and motivation during the walk, we will sing and pray.
  1. The first thing we will do each morning is hold a non-denomination prayer session.


  1. Before we eat we will pray together and show our gratitude.
  1. When we have free time in the evening, we will use it to exchange ideas, talk to and learn from each other, play music and have a good time.


Rules and Regulations

  1. Lights out 9 pm.
  1. During the walk the will be no use of alcohol and drugs, no violence and no sexual harassment. Any infractions of these rules will be dealt with on an individual basis.


  1. The 7 Generations Walk is about promoting a sustainable future for the next generations and includes all philosophies, races, religions and cultures. Leave your prejudices behind and strive to cooperate with others.
  1. We will do our best to ensure the safety of all participants. We want to avoid accidents. We ask for your cooperation by controlling your behavior. Look out for yourself and others. In the case of accidents, we will do what we can to help, but we cannot take the responsibility for any accident.


  1. Those who the coordinators or support team consider to be risk to the security of the walk or any individual participant on the walk may be asked to go home.


Practical Matters

  1. Everyday we will walk between 20 and 30 kilometers.

š Each week we will walk from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays we will hold events to share what we have learned from people along our journey. On Sundays there will be walking events to give people who can only participate on weekends the chance to walk.

š Please prepare yourselves for rainy days by bringing along the appropriate rain gear.

There will be days when we have to camp outside, so please bring tents and sleeping


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